Alias: Socket Age: 1 month Height: 1' 1" Weight: 21 lbs. Base of Ops: Hell's Kitchen, NY

Background: Socket is the familiar of Hans, a Hell's Kitchen resident who shares an apartment with local heroes Dust and Wormhole. Socket terrorized Dust, Wormhole, and super-powered barista What's Up, both at the command of his master and of his own free will. Socket's short life ended when Dust 'accidentally' shot him. The exact 'how' of Socket's existence is still a mystery, though he first appeared after an alien head lice symbiote assumed control of Hans.

Powers: Socket is covered in a thin film making him difficult to grab or strike, and allowing him so slide distances of up to 100 feet in seconds. His teeth are razor sharp but lacking a jaw, he can't inflict any serious damage with them. Socket can also be used as a conduit for Hans' mind control powers.