Gordak the Barbarian


Alias: Gordak the Barbarian Age: 30 Height: 6' 10" Weight: 275 lbs. Base of Ops: Hell's Kitchen, NY

Background: Brought here from the 3rd century by the Wizard Mongornionak against his will and sold into slavery, Gordak first met Dust and Wormhole while auditioning for the role of their arch-nemesis during the season finale of Anywhere. Having won the competition, Gordak has settled in to modern New York, assuming Hans' former bedroom at their Hell's Kitchen residence. Not being very interested in battling Dust and Wormhole, Gordak has opened a local pub, Bar-Barian, where he's indulges his favorite past time to wine and wench. It is Gordak's secret desire to find his way back to the 3rd century and reunite with his love, the Princess Haprinimmon.

Powers: Gordak was imbued with mystical powers by Mongornionak's arch-rival, the Princess Haprinimmon, providing him with super-human strength and stamina. He is a battle tested warrior, possessing unparalleled hand to hand and sword-fighting skills.