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HEROVERSE™ launched in 2006 at the inaugural New York Comic Con. A new kind of entertainment company, at the time HEROVERSE™ was the first comics company to announce digital-first and launch with a true multi-platform strategy, something that entertainment companies from all fields are just catching up with.

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From Tom Akel, Alan Quah, and Eric Mahoney come the misadventures of Dust and Wormhole, two twenty-somethings who possess the powers to go anywhere. This satirical look at the comic industry skewers ret-cons, crossovers, stunt covers, the digital age, overzealous solicits, and big media. Along the way our heroes battle ex-roommate Dirt, current roommate Hans, Wormhole's addiction to tequila, and Tom's inability to write a coherent script. With foreword by Marvel legend Stan Lee and backword by Image co-founder and superstar creator Marc Silvestri.

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By Tom Akel & Brandon Palas

The means of production belong to society, and the machine is merely the trench where duty is performed.

By Tom Akel & Steve Babb

A new student at Huntington Prep will change the lives of 6 friends and their well guarded secret.

By Tom Akel & Ted Wing III

He's coming to save our world...by destroying his own.

By Tom Akel

Arthur, Beowulf, The Guivre - legends who sew a tapestry that, together, will forever change history.

The Age of Information has lowered the probability of human extinction and eliminated many walled gardens of government secrecy.

Technology advances at an exponential rate.  Humans will live longer, learn faster, expand their minds.

This progress conflicts with the wills of men who self-prophesize and will reach a critical mass, resulting in the disintegration of much mankind has accomplished.

The Error System deems this unacceptable.  Steps will be taken.

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