Alias: Richard Windsor Age: Unknown Height: 7' 3" Weight: 523 lbs. Base of Ops: London, England

Background: Lionheart is the field leader for the British government-run super team, Chimera. He does not address rumors that he is descendant of Richard the 3rd, hence his namesake, though there are spotty records of Lionheart's existence dating as far back as 15th century France, leading some to question his English heritage. Whatever his true origin, Lionheart holds the deepest trust of the Crown and is tasked with training Princes William and Henry, as well as the young Black Prince.

Abilities: A creature of mystical origin, Lionheart possesses incredible strength, speed and formidable hand to hand combat and weapon handling skills, favoring his mace. Lionheart can fly and has enhanced senses including heightened senses of smell and vision.