Daddy Long Legs


Alias: None Age: Unknown Height: 18' 6" Weight: 486 lbs. Base of Ops: New Orleans, LA

Background: It's not clear for how long Daddy Long Legs has been practicing Voodoo or eating humans out of his curiosity shop in the Big Easy. Despite his appearance, Daddy often appears in public and is frequently mistaken for an elaborate costume or parade float by inebriated party-goers along Bourbon Street; though locals know of Daddy and his dark habits. Dust and Wormhole first encountered Daddy on a trip to Mardi Gras, where they invited him back to New York to feast on the local homeless population. One they'd realized what they'd done, they tracked Daddy to his underground lair and, in the course of battle, transported him to an other dimension through one of Wormhole's portals. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers: Daddy Long Legs possesses all of the natural abilities of a spider of the Theridiidae species and can spin webs several hundred feet in size to catch his prey or to conceal them in a cocoon for later consumption. Additionally, he is an advanced practitioner of Voodoo, with an array of spells and ritual enchantments in his arsenal.