Alias: Mitchell Murphy Age: 24 Height: 6' 3" Weight: 225 lbs. Base of Ops: Hell's Kitchen, NY

Background: Wormhole and Dust share an apartment in Hell's Kitchen with arch-nemesis Hans and bi-polar model/actress Mary Masters. Wormhole struggled through college, balancing his time between earning his degree in Journalism and unlocking concept art in Grand Theft Auto, before moving to New York City and meeting super-powered friends Dust and What's Up. Mitchell's many vices prevent him from going, as he likes to say, "full hero", and instead prefers to tackle life as it seeks him out. Putting his degree to use, he blogs part-time for a local paper, the Hell's Kitchen Gazette, on the state of the super-hero world around him. Wormhole's real income comes from an unknown source which summons he and Dust for special ops, but there is no intel on the details of these missions or who is behind them.

Powers: Wormhole can manipulate the space-time continuum, creating portals that allow himself and others to travel...Anywhere.