Alias: Jackie Mae Age: 45 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 257 lbs. Base of Ops: Paris, France and New York, NY

Background: Supermodel Jackie Mae's metagene activated during a Paris Fashion Week show, elevating her celebrity status to new heights. Following the incident, the French government sought her out to join a new, international peacekeeping group that would be operated by the United Nations. Given her previous life as a fashion and reality star, Opal is one of the more popular members of the UN super team, The United. Opal is second in command of The United behind Legacy.

Abilities: Opal's chemical structure resembles that of the stone of the same name but there are several key differences which explain some of her abilities. Her makeup contains more microcrystalline quartz, and while phosphorous, is much more dense and physically resistant. She also can emit energy beams by defracting light at various wavelengths and maintains the same proportion of water of standard opal, allowing her to project crystal mineraloids that can harden around subjects.