What’s Up


Alias: LeShawn Harrison Age: 21 Height: Variable Weight: 165 lbs. Base of Ops: Hell's Kitchen, NY

Background: LeShawn had a brief stint in the Professional Basketball League where he was a 2-time starting all star at age 19. It all came crashing down when it was revealed he was the superhero "What's Up", and possessed stretching powers that other owners and members of the players association claimed he used to cheat. Since that day the only paying work LeShawn could land, with no college education and a lifetime ban from all professional sports, was as a Caffeine Addict barista in Hell's Kitchen, where he first met fellow crime-fighters Dust and Wormhole. To make matters worse, LeShawn recently discovered that his on-again-off-again boyfriend, Dan, is in actuality the supervillain Danferno.

Powers: What's Up is capable of stretching and reforming his body into nearly any shape he wishes. His cellular structure also makes him highly resistant to conventional forms of physical attack.