Alias: Cho Takahashi Age: 27 Height: 5' 4" Weight: 122 lbs. Base of Ops: Mie Prefecture, Japan

Background: Cho Takahashi is the deadliest human on the planet. With undetectable meta abilities, she was selected by the Error System for the black ops group, MACHINE. Cho has a stunted emotional capacity, but was deemed physically capable of surviving the Error System's surgical enhancements. Operating under the code name: Scathe, Cho slaughtered her surgeons but was left with no choice other than to join the covert ops team.

Powers: Cho is a 15th dan in Ninjitsu, with additional training as a master assassin from the Silent Tiger. Her cybernetic implants include enhanced vision and power, and retractable forearm blades which she employs with surgical precision.