Alias: Beowulf Age: 1700 Height: 6' 5" Weight: 245 lbs. Base of Ops: Wales, United Kingdom

Background: THIS DESCRIPTION CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR CHIMERA. HIGHLIGHT TO READ. In the Dark Ages, Beowulf was a mighty warrior-king, reputed with destroying Grendel and his Mother before falling to the might of the Red Dragon. Beowulf has recently reemerged, operating from underneath the Seine River in Paris, France and controlling an army of creatures resembling the Grendel. How he has returned and what his motives could be are still a mystery.

Powers: All that is known of the current incarnation of Beowulf is that, true to his legend, he is an extraordinary hand to hand combatant and swordsman. It is unknown how he has returned or why or how he is controlling a monster mysteriously similar to Grendel's Mother.