Welcome to Heroverse 3.0

Nov, 2014

Hello, it’s been a while.

I’d like to welcome you to the unboxing of the new Heroverse site! Why a new site you ask? Well, the old one was fine and all, but since it went up this “Apple” company invented these “tablets” and decided that they don’t “like” Macromedia Adobe Flash. And really, we’re constantly redesigning the site and rethinking our strategy as a content company in an ever-evolving digital landscape. But to be more specific, there were certain limitations of the old site that have been addressed and strategic design choices made. Here’s a list of what’s new, what’s gone, and why:

  • Responsive design. The old site had a separate WAP (mobile) site. The relaunch is fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and handset.
  • Blog (where you are right now). We had a News section on the old homepage but it wasn’t really a place to get inside the company. Expect regular updates and longer posts for process and behind the scenes looks.
  • No part of the site is in Flash. For obvious reasons.
  • Design focus shifted to the art. The old site was beautifully designed by Iveta Abolina but viewing the art was a mediocre experience. We’ve streamlined the look to provide more focus to the amazing art being done at Heroverse with better character profile pages and galleries.
  • Never before seen art. There’s a lot of stunning artwork on here that’s never been available publicly. It’s not really noted but have fun browsing.
  • Social integration. Share what you like, it’s clear and easy. The previous sites never had this functionality built in.
  • New Instagram and DeviantArt accounts are live. Follow them. We’re even on Ello (it’s us you’re looking for).

There’s lots more to come (COMICS!), so follow us on your social network of choice for updates!

Here’s a look at the evolution of the site:

Heroverse 1.0, launched in 2004
Heroverse 1.0, launched in 2004
Heroverse 2.0, launched in 2008
Heroverse 2.0, launched in 2008

– tom

Tom Akel

Chief Creative Officer