Alias: Christine Cass Age: 17 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 115 lbs. Base of Ops: Huntington, NY

Background: Christine is a senior at Huntington Prep High School where she first met Dragonfire teammates Hunter, Momentum, and Eastern Star. Her telepathic abilities lead her to discover that there were other metahuman students at the school and quickly forged friendships. Christine's lifelong best friend, Amanda, is dating her teammate Eastern Star, often putting her in an awkward role, navigating her loyalties to her friend and to her team. Christine and Hunter have shown a romantic interest in one another, but nothing has come of it yet.

Powers: Christine's telepathic abilities have yet to reach their full potential. While she is an adept telepath, her strongest talent is in reading the emotional state of those around her and influencing their feelings, something she has used many times to help the team and as a benefit to herself.