Alias: Todd Meyer Age: 24 Height: 7' 8" Weight: 450 lbs. Base of Ops: Hell's Kitchen, NY

Background: For a brief time, Dirt shared an apartment with Dust and Wormhole in Hell's Kitchen. However, after several incidents (the most egregious of which was urinating in Todd's fish tank, killing his favorite pet, Sparkles), Wormhole's hygiene and lack of cleanliness caused Todd to move out. Recently in a battle with Wormhole, orchestrated by Mystery Character, it was discovered that Dirt and Dust are brothers just prior to sacrificing himself to save Dust. Without full control of his powers at the time, it is unknown if Wormhole spread Dirt's atoms across space and time, effectively killing him, or if he was sent through a portal to another dimension.

Powers: Much like his brother and former roommate Dust, Dirt can break apart and reform parts of his body. Dirt is incredibly strong and highly resistant to most forms of physical attack.