Alias: Grendel Age: ~1800 Height: 14'5" Weight: 2,000 lbs. Base of Ops: Wales, United Kingdom

Background: THIS DESCRIPTION CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR CHIMERA. HIGHLIGHT TO READ. In late 5th century Scandinavia, Beowulf, a mighty warrior-king, destroyed Grendel and his Mother before falling to the might of a Red Dragon. Beowulf and the Grendel have recently reemerged, operating from under the Seine River in Paris, France and leading an army of creatures resembling the younger Grendel. How Beowulf or the monster have returned, and why they are together, is still unknown.

Powers: The Grendel is a powerful, vicious beast, and thirsts for human blood. Grendel is amphibious and capable of spending extended periods of time submerged, can swim at incredible speeds, and has a nearly impenetrable hide. Grendel uses teethed suction extensions from its arm to grasp victims while attacking with 10 inch razor-sharp claws, ensuring its prey will not escape.