Eastern Star


Alias: Matt Park Age: 16 Height: 6' 4" Weight: 190 lbs. Base of Ops: Huntington, NY

Background: A junior at Huntington Prep High School and member of Dragonfire, Matt's powers have slowly developed since birth, his parents both possessing limited meta-abilities similar to Matt's. At school, Matt is at continual odds with his girlfriend, Amanda Princeton - breaking up and reconciling as a daily ritual which his teammates have come to accept as mildly amusing. A vicious flirt, Amanda commands a string of suitors vying for her affections which she uses to make Matt jealous. This has proven to be rather unwise given Matt's temper and frequently lands him in detention, causing him to miss critical team missions and, unbeknownst to Amanda, shortens his lifespan.

Powers: Matt can convert his cell structure to approximate that of a blue giant star, increasing his body density, strength, heat, allowing him to focus his power into energy blasts or blinding flashes, and the ability to fly. Each time Eastern Star uses his powers his life expectancy shortens by a nominal margin, but with prolonged use could significantly affect his mortality.